Canada Day Bluegrass

July 01, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Attention! Attention! Hélas, notre premier brunch de fête ayant été annulé à cause de la pluie, nous redoublons d’enthousiasme à la venue de la fête du Canada parce que oui, on remet la musique au goût du jour avec l’Allday Breakfast Stringband. Ils vont nous jouer du Bluegrass enlevant, tout en buvant des espresso et en célébrant les délicieux classiques pickup-esques du Brunch. Venez en gang, en famille, en amis de 12h à 15h sur la terrasse ensoleillée (on espère!).

Well folks, our first holiday Bluegrass date got rained out on la St. Jean Baptiste, but we’re powering through with the Allday Breakfast Stringband on Canada Day. Same deal: music from 12-3 on the patio, brunch specials galore, and all the Pick-up goodies your friends and family can sip and nibble. Come celebrate!

Du bluegrass pour la fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste

June 24, 2014 at 12:02 PM


SVP noter: nous regrettons que la performance est annulée à cause de la pluie. Le dépanneur sera toutefois ouvert jusqu’à 21hr, la cuisine ferme à 18hr.

Rappelez vous de venir au dépanneur pour la Saint-Jean-Baptiste parce que on se gâte avec la visite d’un band de bluegrass live pour accompagner les classiques du brunch. Le ‘All Day Breakfast Stringband’ vous fera entendre leur son sur la terrasse Mardi le 24 Juin de Midi à 15h. Venez boire des Cappuccinos et taper des pieds pour relaxer et profiter de la journée!

Holiday Bluegrass at Le Pick Up

Remember to swing by the Dep this St Jean Baptiste! This year, we’ll be featuring live blue grass music along with some of our classic brunch specials. The aptly named All-Day Breakfast Stringband will be joining us on the patio on Tuesday, June 24 from 12-3 to serenade the holiday crowd. Gather with friends and family to sip cappuccinos, tap your feet, and wile the day away.

Poultry butchery for the home chef - June 13th!

June 13, 2013 at 07:30 PM

Do you make a mess when cutting up chicken? Wonder how you could get the best use out of all the parts of your bird? You’re in luck!

A butcher friend of the Pick-Up will host a workshop in chicken butchering techniques on Thursday, June 13 at 7:30 pm.

Workshop participants will cut chickens in several ways (half, quartered, frying cuts and a whole, fully deboned chicken). We’ll go over techniques for a whole stuffed boneless bird, a brick-pressed grilled bird, stuffed/tied breast and how to turn bones into stock for gravies and soups. We’ll also talk about spice rubs and marinades, and how all of these techniques can be transferred to more delicate poultry species like quail, duck and pheasant.

Participants should bring an apron and, if you have one, a boning knife. (If not, we will add a boning knife to the workshop cost, and you can take it home with you!)

Cost of the workshop is $45.00 and includes a whole chicken for each participant.

To register, or for any questions, email

CKUT remote at Dépanneur le Pick Up

September 19, 2012 at 11:00 AM

You’re all aware that POP Montreal is nearly upon us….so in celebration…

CKUT will be broadcasting live from Dépanneur le Pick Up this Wednesday, September 19th from 11AM-3PM. Your hosts Penny Pickup and Lynne T will be welcoming a bevy of guests and playing some hot tracks!

The broadcast will feature Venus DJs, Malcolm aka The World Provider, some Dep all stars and lots o’ Queer POP DJs. Gen Heistek will join the crew to give listeners the skip on Kids POP!

VenusVenus DJs live from DLPU

RECAP! Butchery workshop with Berlin Reed!

May 12, 2012 at 08:00 PM


[Words: Marc Holmes; Photos: Chris Zeke Hand]

Last weekend, the Dep welcomed Brooklyn’s Berlin Reed, aka the Ethical Butcher, for our WHOLE HOG butchering workshop and BBQ double-header. Braving Saturday night’s humidity, our eighteen participants crowded round the bar as Berlin gave a brief introduction to the differences in American, German and British butchering styles before setting about dividing our 70lb hog into ribs, loin, chops and offal. Our crowd then broke off into small groups to conjure up a marinade of their choice for the following night’s cook-off.

Stay tuned for Part II: The Whole Hog BBQ!

RECAP PT. II! Whole Hog BBQ with Berlin Reed!

May 13, 2012 at 06:00 PM


[Words: Marc Holmes; Thanks Chris Zeke Hand for the photos!]

Returning the next evening, a few extra participants added to help them in their feasting, our disciples of pork set about devouring a spectacular four-course BBQ banquet laid on by Berlin himself. Introducing each course, our Ethical Butcher invited each group to present their own marinades between courses as they devoured an epic menu of spare and baby back ribs, offal, carnitas and eisbein tostadas, chops, mac ‘n’ cheese, slaw, pickles…all rounded off with smoked fruit crisp and fresh cream. Sound and look amazing? We can indeed confirm that it was, and would like to join participants in thanking Berlin again for a fantastic weekend’s events. Until next time! DPLU