Cookies Unite: Cynthia Sitaras, July 2010


Earlier this spring, Nouveau Palais chef Gita Seaton kicked off Cookies Unite. Since then, there have been a number of mouthwatering events held at both the Depanneur Le Pick up and Nouveau Palais featuring local gourmet chefs.

32136_10150179061190128_728020127_12342267_2113034_nCookies Unite: Featuring Cynthia Sitaras All photos provided by Gita Seaton

The press was crazy, and kept rolling in. From The Daily Eater to the Montreal Mirror, people were totally down with Cookies Unite.


From Mark Slutsky’s piece:

“As the event is not-for-profit, the meals will only cost $30, inexpensive for the calibre of talent on display. “The money only covers the costs of the event,” Seaton says. “It limits the cooks a bit—it will be hard to throw truffles and lobster at us because the budget is so tight. But that’s what makes this event interesting too—how much can they do within the boundaries set out?”


But more importantly, our friends loved the food. In July, the Dep hosted Cynthia Sitaras, who presented an innovative, fabulous Greek-inspired menu. On a normal evening, She can be found manning the kitchen at Le Club Chasse et Peche.


Still hungry? Her fabulous recipe for a Spanish tartiflette can be found here.