Photos: Cookies Unite with David Gutierrez!


David Gutierrez, all man, half Mexican. On August 2, he became the fourth chapter of the wildly popular Cookies Unite dinner series.


Gutierrez has not only held the title of Mr. Montreal! His slightly archaic and entirely sincere compassion is difficult to miss when encountering this delicate dude. Don’t be fooled though by that sweet exterior, Dave can party. His persona and food are dripping with careful thoughtfulness along with a touch of fun.


Having begun at the bright young age of sixteen, David went through a few Montreal restaurants in his colourful career. Kaizen, Shed Café (remember?), Les Vivres (before it was called Aux Vivres). amongst others, he even bartended at Nantha’s (back the day).


Born to a Mexican father and a French Canadian mother, David decided to check his roots in 2008. He packed up and headed to Mexico City where he absorbed the rich culture and ate street food daily.


Once, as he sat at a taco stand a gunfight broke out. He and the client next to him fell to the street. “So sorry” the client murmured, as she had bumped him on the way down. He knew then that his love for Mexican food was true.


He made it back to Montreal alive about a year later and continued his work at l’Orignal and has recently been contributing to the kitchen at Koko in the Opus Hotel.


There will be tequila. There will be micheladas. There will be Piñatas!


(All photos provided by Raji Sohal + Tyson Parks. Visit lmQcooks for more images!)