Photos: Cookies Unite with Mark Tan


All photos provided by Gita Seaton


This past July, the Pick Up hosted chef Mark Tan as the third chapter of Cookies Unite. It was a huge success and we’re here to share the mouthwatering results!


For those who don’t already know, Mark Tan is very special. He is kind, humble and beyond talented. His grin is enough to make you love him but his dedication to kitchen life seals the deal.


Born in the Philippines, Mark began his training at Hotel Shangri-la in Taiwan where he literally had to eat his mistakes.


He immigrated to Canada and ended up at a Vancouver’s Dubrulle International Culinary Institute.


From there he spent some years at the now defunct Lumière before making his way to Montreal.


Here Mark has been trained by the likes of the great Claude Pelletier of Le Club and James McGuire of Passe Partout. He worked at Mediteranneo and Cube during the Pelletier days.


He spent time with the Mercury cousins at Bronte and is now at Xo. During a brief interlude he even ran away to the circus.


Mark is a cook, a real cook. He has no shortage of food knowledge and is so easy to work with.



All photos provided by Gita Seaton


All photos provided by Gita Seaton


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And be sure to visit Gita’s blog for Mark’s killer inasal chicken recipe, a classic, simple Phillipino dish with an addictive balance of acidity, spice, salt + sweetness. Bon appetit!