Photos! Holiday cookie swap at Le Pick Up

December 09, 2010 at 07:00 PM


Compelled by the holiday spirit (and looking for any excuse to eat cookies and drink mulled wine), we recently organized a small cookie swap after hours at Le Pick Up.

Dscn2538Natasha’s peanut butter and jelly cookies All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz

I highly encourage everyone to organize their own cookie swap this holiday season. The concept is simple: call up your 8 favorite baking-inclined friends and invite them over for wine.

Dscn2540Penny’s Mexican wedding cookies All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz

Make sure they bring 8 dozen cookies (of all the same variety), a big tin, and an empty stomach, because rest assured that a lot of cookies will be consumed on the spot.

Dscn2541March’s ginger cookies! All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz

Mull some wine (we used a spicy red and brought to a simmer with some discs of citrus, spices and sugar) and serve in tiny mugs (brandy is another great match for cookies). Lay out the cookies in piles of 12, and make sure everyone gets one dozen each.


We raked in some KILLER cookie varieties, with nary a chalky shortbread or boring chocolate chip cookie in sight. In the future, we would ask our pals about nut allergies (there were a surprising amount of cookies with peanut butter in them), but otherwise it was a huge success, and couldn’t be easier to throw together. Try it out!


Dscn2549Beaver. All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz







Dscn2563Beaver’s Man Cookies All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz


All photos by Natasha Li Pickowicz