cuban $11.00 Braised pork with melted swiss cheese, ham, zucchini pickles and mojo sauce

** veggie cuban sandwich $9.75 Vegetarian version with our in-house faux pork New Item ! **

smoked trout $9.75 Avocado, marinated onions & sprouts with lemon caper mayo on multi-grain

pulled pork $9.50 Braised pork in home made BBQ sauce with pickles, slaw, hot peppers and chipotle mayo

veggie pulled “pork” $9.00 Vegetarian version with our famous veggie pulled pork. Can be made vegan. 

club chipotle $9.75 Three decker with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo

grilled haloumi $8.00 Melted salty cheese with mint slaw, honey and harissa mayo

montreal cheez steak $10.00 Steak, pepperoni, grilled onions, hot peppers and melted mozzarella



All of our burgers are available vegetarian.

the drive-thru $7.00 carmelized onions, melted american cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles and special sauce

the Pick Up classic $6.50 lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, mayo 

kimchi burger $7.50 kimchi, Korean style BBQ sauce, chopped lettuce and mayo

Big Bernie Mac $10.50 double patties, double cheese, onions, pickles and special sauce


caesar salad $8.50 romaine lettuce, real bacon bits, croutons and classic dressing

quinoa   $5.00 sm | $9.00 lg Edamame beans, peanuts, marinated carrots and a miso vinaigrette

spinach mango $9.00 avocado, mango, marinated onions, pumpkin seeds with ginger lime vinaigrette

on the side

home fried potatoes $4.00 with chipotle mayo

small green salad $4.00 maple ginger vinaigrette


available till 11:30 am Monday - Friday, all day Saturday & Sunday

classic breakfast sandwich $ 6.50 egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo on multigrain

2 eggs breakfast $ 8.50 2 eggs any style, bacon, home fried potatoes and toast

crêpe déjeuner $ 9.00 egg, cheddar, bacon, served with home fried potatoes and maple syrup

frontier sandwich $ 9.00 steak, egg chz, carmelized onions and Goldrush sauce

BLTOeuf $ 5.00 egg, bacon, lettuce, tomate, mayo, white bread

the bodega bagel $ 6.00 egg, choice of bacon or ham, chz, on a St. Viateur bagel

extras ++

bacon 2.50 ham 2.50 egg 1.00 avocado 3.00 cheddar or swiss cheese 1.00 chz .50¢ chicken 4.00

coffee and drinks

hot chocolate    3 / 3.50 / 4

london fog    3.75

mochaccino    3.75

espresso | allongé    2.00

cappuccino    3.50

café au lait    3.50 / 4 / 4.50

filter coffee   1.50 / 1.75 / 2

tea | tisane    2.00

We’d be happy to prepare your order in advance. Please call ahead for lunchtime pick up.